Friday, September 22, 2017

Not so much a hiatus. More of a suspension.

It's not what you think. Not entirely.

Here. Read this.

So. Anyone (not sure if there's anyone, but you know) who's been following for the last few years might remember me occasionally mentioning someone named Hannah, moving to the Virgin Islands, breaking up in the Virgin Islands, reconciling a bit later on, and so forth.

There are only two dots to connect here. Get it?

I'm not going to pretend that everything is just business as usual.

Maudlin though it may be, one of the reasons I've kept this blog going is because she never stopped reading. Not the only reason. But if there's an audience for whom I've been writing in the last four, five years, it's her. You—you, who checks this thing from time to time—I know you're out there, and this one I'm writing for you. But: these last few days, whenever I've sat down to complete a fragmentary and long unfinished post about the misapplication of Moore's Law in casual talks about technology, and how specious it is to invoke "increases" in tech as factors of social change without specifying what is increasing, I feel as though I'm just talking to the wall in an empty room. 

This is not business as usual.

I'm stepping back until she's found, with a prayer that she's found alive.

EDIT: Finally actually read the Newsweek piece from start to finish.
When Upp was missing in 2008, police reports said she spent a lot of time in places like Riverside Drive, which overlooks the Hudson River, according to The New York Times. After she was found, she said her attraction to the area made sense—an answer that may also shed light on why she found her way to Sapphire Beach almost 10 years later.
My advice to Newsweek staffer Josh Saul is to refrain from speculating about people he doesn't know, especially when he's reporting a story without actually visiting the site. Also to fuck off.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Progress report

Not that I have any illusions about how many people are actually reading this blog and clamoring for updates, but this is my excuse for the last few weeks' inactivity. Been workin' on something. Hoping I'll arrive at point where I can logically pause, step back for a little while, and work on some other stuff a bit before diving back in.