Sunday, May 8, 2011


I hate the title as much as you, but it seemed right somehow. Click to enlarge and read!

The sad part is that I didn't quit smoking. I got the idea for the strip and sketched it out back when I was trying to quit, then sorta let it drop when I relapsed.

Now I've settled for trying to smoke more. Hey, at least it's a realistic goal.


  1. video games, poetry, comics, is there anything you don't do?!

  2. Zade: That's a very good question. I never listened to it. I'm told I should be pretty embarrassed, though.

    Owl: I don't get published :D

  3. I like how your style is getting kind of... grotesque. It is fascinating!

  4. Spriteless: Thanks. I think my cartoons always had a sort of dirtiness to them, but it never really filtered into the "cube" comics because I was too clumsy with using a tablet and Photoshop (Elements) to translate a pencil & paper drawing to high-res digital art. I think I'm starting to get the hang of it now, though.

    And, won the haiku contest, dude. Did you want your prize?