Thursday, December 1, 2011

Playlists & Self-Diagnoses

Two weeks ago, about 74% of the music I listened to consisted of psytrance and ambient tracks.

Last week, the percentage of psytrance and ambient tracks on my playlists decreased by 56%, comprising 33% of all the music I listened to. Meanwhile, the combined total of Alec Empire, SPK, and Skinny Puppy tracks on my playlist comprised 46% of the tunes on that week's queue.

This week, psytrance and ambient tracks compose 13% of my playlist. The combined total of tracks by Alec Empire, SPK, and Skinny Puppy has decreased by 35%, and now composes 31% of my playlist. The combined total of songs by The Swans, Whitehouse, and Converge now account for almost 50% of all the music I've listened to this week.

The significance of this should be obvious: thanks to New Media software, I can now easily and accurately monitor my own mood swings. What an age!

(Oh, shoot. I'm behind in answering comments, emails, and Formspring questions again. Will catch up tomorrow afternoon.)


  1. I always notice a change in my music choices as the seasons change. Autumn causes my music to become much more depressing and almost completely removes reggae from my playlists. Once it gets colder and feels more like winter, I start to throw in angrier music, like the hardcore punk and anything else with vocals that are more shouted than sang.

    This media software you have is cool, though.

  2. Okay, here are my 2 abstracts:

    I hope I win. I can almost guarantee that my ideas are the most unique of the 1s submitted (they were even open to non-profits btw). Anyway, since they are presented from a business perspective, there's actually a lot more to add and factors that ended up being left out.