Monday, January 21, 2013

Deadlines and Downtimes

Hmmm. Sometime way back in November I mentioned something about taking a break from blogging in order to focus on some other writing work. But I never took that break, and I'm farther behind in a few projects than I would like to be.

So today I'm announcing that I'm taking a break for serious. I want to have a working final draft of this short novel by the end of the month, which means it must not only take priority over everything else I do in my leisure time, but also dominate my waking thoughts. Any neurons I divert towards blogging will be to the manuscript's detriment. Once I polish off a draft that I won't be afraid to send to literary agent types (oh christ i'm actually going to go through this again fuuuuck), I will resume typing vast textchunks about things that aren't video games (and therefore aren't worth anyone's effort to read).

In the meantime: seeing as it's MLK Day, I would direct you to a transcription and recording of his "Beyond Vietnam" speech, which is much less often cited than "I Have a Dream," but is fundamental message is very probably more relevant in today's America. (True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar. It comes to see than an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring.)

I'll also point out the Goodreads link that just appeared in the sidebar. (Goodreads is still a thing, right?) I'll try to keep the page up to date and populate it with books I've already read. If books is something you're into, go ahead and friend me.

Downtime begins now. See you in a few weeks, I'm sure! (I hope.)

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  1. Why'd you have to wait until a couple weeks after I deleted my Goodreads account to get one?