Monday, September 2, 2013

Early Autumn Abeyance

My contract at the Quaker center is up. As of last Friday I am unemployed and I'm kind of delighted. There's time now! I can finalize novel #2 and get to work on novel #3! I can finish those three or four short stories I have in the freezer! Maybe I'll do more Sisyphus comics! Perhaps I'll even get around to that MOTHER 3 writeup!

The situation isn't without its drawbacks, though. Sacrifices will have to be made. Tobacco, for instance. The longer I go without buying cigarettes, the longer the money pile will last, and the longer I can go without having to get another job. The prospect of attacking such a big stack of writing projects without the aid of nicotine isn't just daunting; it's really rather terrifying. But it must be so.

oh god i give myself another two hours before cracking

There's another thing I'd like to try abstaining from. Some years ago I called myself an information addict, and said it with some measure of pride. Now it's less of a boast than an admission of a problem. I'm rather compulsive in my Internet use: sitting down, punching in a URL without thinking, and then reloading the page every fifteen minutes in case of an update has become something I just do, even though I hardly get any pleasure out of it at this point.

So! I just installed a Firefox add-on that lets me block websites. You see where this is going, yes? I'm cutting myself off from my usual cyberspace haunts for a month. I'm not entirely severing myself from cyberspace -- just from the places I visit most frequently, and probably most unnecessarily. will be one of sites I restrict myself from visiting. Needless to say, it won't be updated until early October at the earliest. (If I happen to draw any comics between now and then, they'll appear on the comics page.) I'll still be checking my email because I can't totally disappear, so drop me a line at beechleavesold at gmail if you'd like to say hi.

Now. There is much to do.

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