Tuesday, April 15, 2014

NPM: What Ingrid Bergman Wanted

Because Casablanca is a flick I really need to get around to watching again. And because sisters are doin' it for themselves. And because what is regret, anyway? This one originally appeared on The Disappearing.

What Ingrid Bergman Wanted
Ivy Alvarez (b. ?)

Because the river is never still enough to reflect the sky,
I want to stay. I want to say
to strangers, who say I love you, it's untrue.
The mirrors of their eyes only blind me.
There'll be no ovation. There's hardly a road.
Home is a distant thought, hovering on a squall.
I spot a chapel in the shade
covered in lichen's dull brocade.
No-one's looking at me, kid.
Take a flake of rock, scratch the word
Ingrid into bark, letter by letter.
By the force of my hand,
I might earn permanency.
Let that plane leave without me.


  1. nice. i really like this.
    on a related note, do you remember that day in philadelphia, the taxi pulling away...?
    "this kind of thing never happens to humphrey bogart."

    1. Did I really say that?!

      If I did, it was apropos because it is very true.