Monday, January 26, 2015

Overheard in the Pre-K Classroom

An email from Hannah:

"Yeah, I want to go to college! I really want to go! I have lots of money to pay for college!"
[Later on in conversation]

"Wait, college is school? I don't want to go to college! I didn't know college is SCHOOL!!"  

"Maybe it was the devil!"
"Who's the devil?"
"He's green and he lives under the ground in the fire. When you want to do something bad like punch someone in the face, he whispers in your ear. . . DO IT."

"I'm sad because my grandfather is dead."
"How did he die? Did someone shoot him?"
[Confused look] "No. . . . "

"Once bad guys die, they go straight to lava."
"No! When they die they go to heaven! Heaven's probably underground us, I think."
"No!! When someone dies, they stay inside us. Forever."

"This is how my little brother counts to 7: 1, 2, 3 . . . then guess what number? 72! He gets crazy!!" 

"Yuck. . . yuck. . . . yuck. . . yuck." [FOR FIFTEEN GODDAM MINUTES STRAIGHT. Sitting in the corner just saying YUCK for fifteen minutes while I slowly went insane.]

Conclusion: children might not be all that different from normal human beings.

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