Monday, March 9, 2015

Carve: Choice Cuts

There's more to this birdbrain than a sporadic, scattershot blog, a comics page that hasn't seen a substantive update in maybe a year, and novels that never seem to materialize. (SOON. LIKE, TOMORROW. PROBABLY.) I occasionally conduct short interviews for Carve Magazine, mostly with former contributors and other authors of note. Here are my favorites from the last year...!

Adrienne Celt writes/draws the webcomic Love Among the Lampreys and has a novel called The Daughters coming out in a few months. But here we talk mostly about her short fiction.

Adelle Waldman is responsible for the fantastic The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. I'm still tickled pink that she actually agreed to an interview.

Spencer Gordon is one of the editors of The Puritan (where I've had a couple of short stories published) and the author of a short story collection called Cosmo, which I'd compare to a broken Christmas ornament by way of its glossy sheen and cutting edges.

Mark Brazaitis recently published a new collection of stories called Truth Poker. One of his stories (not in this collection) is called "Cancer Is a Killer, and So Am I," and it beats the odds to be just as good as its title.

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