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Late August grab bag: Orion, Ramadan, poetry.

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The other night I received this text message from my friend James:

August 23, 2001, 4:00 a.m.: Orion can be seen low on the horizon, and all is right with the universe. The plump crescent Moon is higher in the sky, Ramadan will be over soon.

I suspect James wished to challenge my assertion that Orion is a winter constellation -- which it is, although it first begins to appear on the horizon toward the beginning of September. He also probably spoke to our shared casual interest in Islam -- fostered in him by his political science background (coupled with the decades of American entanglement in Middle East) and in me by my dabbling in medieval Arabic literature and science; and in both of us by our mutual friend Nickie, a Muslim convert.

Indeed it is Ramadan, though not for much longer.

This seems as good a time as any to share a piece I copied from an issue of Poetry magazine a few years back. It got mixed up in all my papers, and unexpectedly turned up the other day while I was doing some housekeeping.

So! In honor of Ramadan's conclusion (and so I can finally discard the crinkled and folded hard copy), here is a piece by Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwin for your reading pleasure.

To a Young Poet
by Mahmoud Darwish (1941 – 2008)
Translated from the Arabic by Fady Joudah

Don't believe our outlines, forget them,
and begin from your own words.
As if you are the first two write poetry
or the last poet.

If you read our work, let it not be an extension of our affairs,
but to correct our errs
in the book of agony.

Don't ask anyone: Who am I?
You know who your mother is.
As for your father, be your own.

Truth is white, write over it
with a crow's ink.
Truth is black, write over it
with a mirage's light.

If you want to duel with a falcon
soar with the falcon.

If you fall in love with a woman,
be the one, not she,
who desires his end.

Life is less alive than we think but we don't think
of the matter too much lest we hurt emotions' health.

If you ponder a rose for too long
you won't budge in a storm.

You are like me, but my abyss is clear.
And you have roads whose secrets never end.
They descend and ascend, descend and ascend.

You might call the end of youth
the maturity of talent
or wisdom. No doubt, it is wisdom,
the wisdom of a cool non-lyric.

One thousand birds in the hand
don't equal one bird that wears a tree.

A poem is a difficult time
is beautiful flowers in a cemetery.

Example is not easy to attain
so be yourself and other than yourself
behind the borders of echo.

Ardor has an expiration date with extended range.
So fill up with fervor for your heart's sake,
follow it before you reach your path,

Don't tell the beloved, you are I
and I am you, say
the opposite of that: we are two guests
of an excess, fugitive cloud.

Deviate, with all your might, deviate from the rule.

Don't place two stars in one utterance
and place the marginal next to the essential
to complete the rising rapture.

Don't believe the accuracy of our instructions.
Believe only the caravan's trace.

A moral is as a bullet in its poet's heart
a deadly wisdom.

Be strong as a bull when you're angry
weak as an almond blossom
when you love, and nothing, nothing
when you serenade yourself in a closed room.

The road is long like an ancient poet's night:
plains and hills, rivers and valleys.
Walk according to your dream's measure: either a lily
follows you or the gallows.

Your tasks are not what worry me about you.
I worry about you from those who dance
over their children's graves,
and from the hidden cameras
in the singers' navels.

You won't disappoint me,
if you distance yourself from others, and from me.
What doesn't resemble me is more beautiful.

From now on, your only guardian is your neglected future.

Don't think, when you melt in sorrow
like candle tears, of who will see you
or follow your intuition's light.
Think of yourself: is this all of myself?

The poem is always incomplete, the butterflies make it whole.

No advice in love. It's experience.
No advice in poetry. It's talent.

And last but not least, Salaam.

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