Thursday, August 11, 2011

Polly the Chemist Vs. Polly the Polly

I particularly enjoy how Final Fantasy Tactics allows you to draft hired goons into your army and give them whatever names you please. You can assemble an entire crew named after you and your friends, and then play the whole game pretending you're all going on fantastic adventures together and that everyone not only listens to you, but indeed follows your every command.

It is also useful for acting out passive-aggressive dominance fantasies against snarky webmistresses.

(5:56:05 PM) Pitchyfork: this isn't easy for me to say, polly. (5:56:09 PM) Pitchyfork: but i'm removing you from the team. (5:56:19 PM) ThePolly: What? (5:57:03 PM) Pitchyfork: you don't have the right kind of stuff we need. (5:57:34 PM) ThePolly: Yeah? Well your dumb team doesn't have the right stuff I need. (5:58:06 PM) Pitchyfork: D: (5:58:49 PM) ThePolly: shut up


  1. Oh, if I had the time and determination, I would like to do a playthrough of FFTactics using only stock characters. Sure, the fourth chapter gets really easy once Orlandu is the party to babysit the rest of the team, but let's see how the game works when I'm exclusively bringing random Mediators and Samurai.

    But you can stay, Agrias. You're my golden flower of the battlefield. You got shuffled into the background far too early. ;_;

  2. Lol. Ahh tactics, while I can't remember playing it that much, it seems ever-so-often I return to try and figure out the ultimate 1-vs-1 build. I maxed out their stats because that made things easier. I think the most memorable build for me was the mediator-knight combo you could break someones speed at 8 paces, get a second turn, get in close enough to use the mediator skill to remove their AT and attack, then repeat till they're dead. With teleport you could beat someone 20 spaces away.

    BTW, the reason I only said "thank you" and seemed to lack excitement, was because I asked you once before and figured that time I'd make a bigger deal outa it ;)