Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fossilized Footprints & Relic Radiation

And I'm sick once again. Great. I've already hit the point where all I feel like doing is sitting and staring at the wall, so today I'll just post a few photographs from my trip back to Jersey this weekend because it means having to think that much less.

First: dinosaur footprints at the Riker Hill Fossil Site!

Mammal footprints at the same location:

Next, we visited the Horn Antenna behind the Lucent Technologies building in Holmdel!

(Behind that first door are many tubs of lubricant.)

To save you the trouble of typing it into Google yourself: what's the cosmic microwave background?

Meanwhile, across the street: a volleyball net.

Good god, I've got to lie down.

Jason C. says he can whip me up a concoction of garlic juice, ginger, and some other wholesome plants that will cure me right up if I can drink it and keep it down. We'll see how that goes.