Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How You Sleep at Night

(Image stolen from the Etsy store of one Shelle Kennedy.)

The latest issue of visceral Toronto lit zine The Puritan is out. It contains a short story I wrote called "How You Sleep at Night."

If you want to skip the table of contents and get right to my story, you can do that -- but I would recommend checking out the whole issue instead. My story is one of three fiction pieces, and I'm not sure whether I feel honored or somewhat inadequate to see my work placed alongside D. Hancock's "New Jersey" and A. Grassi's "Air Show," both of which are necessary reading.

Either way, I think this is pretty cool.


  1. OK... I'm back... and that was some trip, oh yes, that really tingled my brain and so happy you used my art as a visual for such a unique tale.

  2. That was an enjoyable albeit somewhat haunting read. Not least because my girlfriend and i are about to turn in, only to wake up tomorrow to our sucky 9-5 jobs. I also felt something quite Kafkaesque in it too, awesome!

  3. Sorry I'm late reading this. Interesting piece. Nice little nightmare, pretty open to interpretation. Was the note about the man in the gray suit an intended reference to the movie of that name?

  4. Thinking about the story since reading it yesterday, I think there's an undeveloped hook in the way the protagonist reacts to what's happening to his wife. Particularly how at one point he tries to flee and tries to rationalize it. Don't know if the 'dream' was intended as a metaphor for being trapped in a consumerist wasteland that fails to satisfy him, but that's what occurs to me when he's contemplating trying to flee while his wife is helpless, saving himself from a threat only he seems to see.

    Or maybe I'm reading too much into it.