Monday, May 6, 2013

Frog wrap-up

Well! That was a well-deserved weeklong nap, if I might be forgiven for saying so myself. Time to get back to business as usual (read: flaking on updates and posting excerpts from stuff I've been reading instead of producing new material).

I had a comic strip I wanted to post today, but it isn't finished yet. So I got nothin'. See you later.

OH! Wait. I do have something.

I enjoyed reading all'a y'all's frog poems, and I'm not just saying that to be polite. I liked them all, but there were a few that I really liked. Choosing a prizewinner wasn't easy -- and heck, if I could afford it, I'd send a bag of granola to everyone who gave me a poem. But I can only spare the scratch for one bag and one stamp, so there can only be one prizewinner.

And the froggy princely prizewinner is Tim.

A frog, a pond, a sound Panama!

I don't love it on the basis of its being cute or ironically familiar, or because it's simple and funny; I'm struck by the PANAMA at the end arriving like an sudden splash upon the surface of a summer pool.

So, Tim: drop me a line (beechleavesold[at] and give me an address to which I can send your bag of authentic (and organic!) Quaker granola.

Well. I'm gonna get back to work on that comic strip.


  1. A man, a plan, a canal - Froggy!

  2. With all due respect to the other contributors, you definitely selected the right one.

  3. Wow! Thanks Pat. Sent an e-mail.