Monday, November 10, 2014

The Descent of Winter: 11/10

Robert Delaunay, Rythme, Joie de vivre

    The shell flowers
    the wax grapes and peaches
    the fancy oak or mahogany tables
    the highbacked baronial hall chairs

    Or the girls' legs
    agile stanchions
    the breasts
    the pinheads——

    ——Wore my bathing suit
    four hours after sundown.
    That's how. Yea?
    Easy to get
    hard to get rid of.

    Then unexpectedly
    a small house with a soaring oak
    leafless above it

    Someone should summarize these things
    in the interest of local
    government or how
    a spotted dog goes up a gutter——

    and in chalk crudely
    upon the railroad bridge support
    a woman rampant
    brandishing two rolling pins.



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