Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Descent of Winter: 11/1

I won't have to powder my nose tonight 'cause Billie's gonna take me home in his car——

        The moon, the dried weeds
        And the Pleiades——

        Seven feet tall
        The dark, dried weedstalks
        make a part of the night
        a red lace
        on the blue milky sky

        by a small lamp

        the Pleiades are almost

        and the moon is tilted
        and halfgone

        And in runningpants and
        with ecstatic, ├Žsthetic faces
        on the illumined
        signboard are leaping
        over hurdles and
        "¼ of their energy comes from bread."

        gigantic highschool boys
        ten feet tall



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