Thursday, June 8, 2023

Locking the door but leaving the lights on

So I've got a Substack now.

I've already gone over the reasons for wanting to move on. Blogger is a zombie platform. Substack hosts a livelier scene, and its architecture is much more interlinked than Blogger's. Maybe—maybe—I can get involved in the "community" and make the acquaintance of people I vibe with. I'm probably kidding myself (writers are an off-putting breed, let's be honest), but one can hope.

And also: you can subscribe and get updates right in your inbox without having to check back every couple of weeks! HOW EXCITING! I understand Blogger used to be able to do this, but no longer. (Like I said: zombie platform.)

This blog is looking like a hoarder's house to me at this point, and I thought it might be fun to try something a little different—and with a more defined purpose. When I started this thing, the idea was to just treat it as a repository for whatever thoughts I cared to elaborate on, and lately I'm feeling like I might do better by limiting myself to a narrower set of themes. Restrictions promote creativity, after all.

Maybe I'll periodically return here to post fluffy stuff about video games, comics, etc. when I feel compelled to write it. (I really had a lot of fun scribbling about Shade, The Maxx, etc. over the last few months.) Heck, maybe I'll get tired of Substack and wander back by the end of the summer. Who knows?

So, again: Beyond Easy probably won't be updated for a while. Go here instead.

Hmm. The space could use a bit of gussying up. I'll get to it sometime.


  1. So, in Banana Peel we can expect things more akin to "Twelve rounds with Kant" than "Flowers of the Machine"?

  2. Well, this will be completely off topic! Nevertheless I wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't do it anyway :)

    Humanity is missing quite a few of your (at least I think it's yours, considering closing sentece of FFT review) Final Fantasy reviews! Considering it's been more or less 10 years since last entry you've covere (FF13), I'm wondering if we'll see a follow up on that!

    I did love these articles on

    Good luck with everything you do and cheers :)

    1. It wasn't that long ago, he covered both FF Tactics Advance and FF Tactics A2 as recently as 2019. Also, what I am going to say is mostly a joke, something said in passing, but you better be prepared to donate a PS4 if you want the possibility of him making a FF7R review.
      AAAAAND... humanity doesn't need it, come on, you know it very well...

  3. "writers are an off-putting breed" - thank you for reminding me what we vibe so well. Twenty years in the broadcasting/publishing industry and I still prefer the company of carpenters!