Thursday, September 22, 2011

Walk the seasons

On Monday I got a flu shot to avoid a repeat of last winter's fiasco, and now I'm sick. Could this be an example of irony in the classical sense? Maybe -- but only if there exists a causal relationship between my inoculation and my subsequent incapacitation. Or, in other words, if my subsequent incapacitation is in fact consequent to my inoculation.

Wakka wakka! I'll be here all week, folks. (Because I can't move so good.)


Tomorrow is the autumnal (or hibernal, as per your preference) equinox, ladies and gents. The oh-fficial first day of fall, and my first step down the spiral stair of seasonal affective depression. I plan to remain heavily medicated until the vernal equinox rolls round.

Earlier today I was sorting through some old photographs I took a few years ago (before the novelty of possessing a digital camera had worn off), and found a series of seasonal snappies I would like to share with you in the spirit of this transitional time of year.

Each was taken three or four months apart, and in pretty much the same spot. (I could never precisely match up the shots, and for some time it drove me absolutely crazy. This might be another reason I didn't pursue photography for very long -- I have enough neuroses already.)

Omake: for those who have been with us a while -- notice that tree in the background that's visibly larger than the rest? (It's especially prominent in the first shot.) That's the same specimen you see our heroes gazing at in this old 8EB strip.

(Note: will be switching hosts in the next few days. I'm hoping to do it with a minimum of downtime, but we'll see what happens.)


  1. In response to the response question in your previous post, unfortunately no I have not read the Iliad. It is on "The List" though. I have however read the Odyssey, but most do so again because I unfortunately don't remember anywhere near as much about it as I wish to.

  2. Read the Iliad first! Contrary to popular conception, it's actually much better.